Tapering for Bull Run Run

It has been a full decade since I started a blog, who knew they were so many changes to the blogworld.

Anyway, the real reason I started a blog is because I am tapering. Taper Tantruming, as I call it.  Running 100+/- miles a week, and then tapering down to very little leaves me with too much energy, and too much on my mind.  So I thought a blog would be a perfect outlet to funnel my excess stress into.

The Bull Run Run has been put on by the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club since 1993 and has a reputation for being a rolling, but not overly technical trail race, and boasts pictures of bluebells like this, Blue Bells Taken by Anstr Davidson

After running the Uwharrie 20 mile race in the cold February weather, I decided it was time to run a race where I could feel my fingers and toes.

This will be my first 50 miler.  I ran the Uwharrie Mountain Run in 2012 and finished as the second female, and 15th overall with a time of 7:34.

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