Race Goals for the Summer

Its been 15 days since Bull Run, and I’m already thinking about the next race.  My legs aren’t 100% yet, as I can tell by all the tripping I have been doing lately. My left leg always lets me know when I am recovered fully, and when I still need some time, it tends to check out sometimes and I end up catching that toe on everything.  I expect it will take a few more weeks, but already my legs feel better than they had after the 2012 Uwharrie 40.  Not sure if its due to better, harder, faster training…or that I have been running trails for 2 years, rather than the 9 months of trail running I had under my belt before attempting Uwharrie 40.  Yes, I had to have my first trail race also be my first ultra race.

A few of my TrailHead running buddies are signed up for Highland Sky on June 15th and I hear its as hilly as it is beautiful.  I have heard the Dolly Sods can be anything from terribly hot if its sunny, to windy and at times chilly in heavy rain storms.  I have even heard a section referred to as “the butt slide” decent because its so steep…sounds fun, no?!

Ultimately I have a goal of running my first 100 miler sometime this fall.  Last year I had wanted to run the Grindstone 100, however, an Achilles tendon problem kept me off my feet (and biking or swimming) only all summer. So this year, hopefully, I’ll be healthy and able to train.

I certainly have mixed emotions when it comes to 100s, I have only been running trails/ultras since Jan 2012 and while the prospect of running 100 miles excites, and thrills me, it also terrifies me!  Running 50 miles 2 weeks ago, I certainly felt like I had more in my legs, but another 50?! I don’t know, I guess the only way to find out is, well, to find out.  I do love the training though, hours in the woods, with friends, without friends, with my favorite furry running buddy, our whippet/lab mix Emmitt.  I love the weekend road trips out to western NC to find longer climbs, and gnarlier trails, exploring new places to run, and of course the friendships I have made along the way.


My best running bud

Ahh soaking after Grandfather Mtn

Ahh soaking after Grandfather Mtn


Some TrailHeads on Hanging Rock.

Some TrailHeads on Hanging Rock.

Hopefully my one of my next few posts will be a Highland Sky race report because I am just ready to get out and race again!


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