I’ve got the Grindstone Blues

With out government at a standoff, (I’m not even going to get into my real feelings about this) Grindstone has been put on hold


Grindstone suspension


I never really imagined that this would happen. Technically the George Washington Forest, where Grindstone is held, isn’t nationally run or funded so the thought of missing the race never even crossed my mind.  It turns out, however, that the waiver we need to hold an event in the forest is given by the department of the Interior, which is subject to the shut down,

My first thought was of disbelief, my second was to text my friend Balto who is also running it, and third was to call an ultra running friend of mine who would know what exactly this shut down meant to me.

All I could think about was all the hard work, sleep less nights, disrupted schedules and missed family activities that I, along with 200 other runners, had put into this event.  I was pissed, I was hurt, and I was confused.  Its like planning, and shopping, and focusing on one thing for 8 months, just to not have anything there to do….I was tapered, and ready to go!


I decided to go along as planned, I packed my bags, I ate healthy, slept, and talked to my crew and pacers.  Then it happened, the next email stating that IF the government shut down ends by Wed at 6pm Grindstone would still be held the following Saturday.  NOO!!  I mean yay for everyone else….but sad for me!  I realized a few months ago that my husband, who dislikes everything trail running, needed a big thank you…so I planned and paid for a vacation.  It would be our first “adult, single married couple” vacation in 4 years, actually maybe in 13 years when we went to Hawaii (but we were poor college kids who slept on a friends futon on their porch)  So it would really be our first island vacation that we could afford to enjoy.


It was like my worst case scenario.  I wouldn’t be relaxed and able to sit on the beach and get massaged, lay around and watch the sunset, or just walk on the beach…I’d be full of energy, and teary, and missing my first 100!


I did what any runner in my situation would do, had a few shots of tequila and went for a midnight run to think about things.  Several hours later, I was defeated.  I decided I would make peace with not running Grindstone this year, I would not rearrage or cancel our vacation, I would find another 100 asap and beg, plead, and convince another RD to let me in last minute…Enter Pinhoti!!


I will be so sad to miss out on Grindstone this year, I love that trail, and all the people that I met in August that put it on and run it.  To console me, friends went out with me this past weekend and we ran/hiked/climbed Elliot Knob and beyond for fun.  The weather was amazing, the leaves were turning and the views were incredible! 

View from Elliots Knob



Apparently it was too much fun for some of us.


And for others, a little soda post run makes everything all better.


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