Pinhoti in a Pinch

So, Grindstone ended up getting officially cancelled, I went on my post 100 vacation as planned, relaxed, chilled out, and reflected a bit on the summer, while trying to let go of the stress of the previous week and the cancellation of what would have been my first 100.

Not going to lie, it was a rough week, there were lots of tears, and for the first time in decades a few nights of tequila and bitching.  I was left emotionally drained and feeling like my legs were leaden.  What a great way to start a vacation. (lots of sarcasm here.)

Fortunately and unfortunately there were pretty severe thunderstorms most mornings, and there was no way I could run through the flooding and the lightning strikes, so I ended up at the gym running some hill workouts on the treadmill and focusing on core strength training…not to mention some good naps and lap swimming in the ocean.  I tried my best to not think about running or training at all and to give my brain and heart a break as well as my legs.

We came back from 105 heat index, to a chilly 40 degrees in the morning, brr that was a bit of a shock, but a good one.  It was a good jolt to get my body out of relax mode and back into running mode. My legs are feeling good, my tight hip is loosened, I am feeling confident about my shoe choice, my nutrition plan, and and soon my race plan.

So Pinhoti; during the week of the government shut down, even though I continued to prepare for Grindstone, I knew it wasn’t going to happen…so I sent an email to the RD of Pinhoti..and after a few days of sweating it out, I got an email back and a link to enter!  So here I am, yet again, two weeks out from another 100 race.

I was worried that the past month and all the traveling and stress from other parts of my life was just going to break me, but here I am…getting excited for a new race that I know only what I can read online about it.  I hear there are very cambered trails, and sections of road, and that a friend went almost an hour off course…But I’m finding myself getting excited, visualizing myself running hard through the woods, and the finish line-one lap around a track.

So fingers crossed for a crazy, lack of sleep, bouncing off the walls, don’t know what to do with myself taper! 🙂


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