Patience is a Virture, Keep it if you can. Seldom in a Woman and Never in a Man?

Patience is a Virtue…

I can still hear my best friend’s mom saying this while we danced around the kitchen in anticipation of the first taste of her cooling home made cookies.  Patience. I am still not a very patient person.

How long to recover?

16 days…16 days since Pinhoti and I’m so antsy to get back to training!  I was really proud of myself, I didn’t run or bike for a full week!  That’s pretty major for me.   I was just happy to foam roll, stretch, nap, and catch up on some Netflix.  As I laid myself out on our couch, my husband and dog wondered who this lazy person was.  (This is not to say that I didn’t walk several hours a day…that is technically my day job.)

Easy Strength Training

In the past I feel like I have jumped back to running, forgetting that in order to have good form, and not injure myself, I need to be strong and flexible.  In the mornings I have been doing a little light yoga; some downward dogs, sun salutations, warrior poses, planks, and of course lots of pigeon!  I have also been doing some single leg squats, core and upper body strengthening.  I am hoping that this will keep away any of those nagging tendonitis problems I have run into in the past.

Keeping Myself Busy

There is always my job, but I have been blogging more, and cooking too.

Today I tried a recipe for energy bars from Trail Runner Magazine 

I followed the directions but changed up the ingredients a bit. I didn’t have goji berries, so I used dried cherries, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, and pecans. I also added cinnamon, ginger and cloves into the mix. I spend so much money on store bought bars, with no control over what type of nuts and seeds are in there, so I thought I’d try out my own.  So far, so good.  The real test will be if my husband will eat them 🙂


I have run here and there.  The first day back out was pretty pathetic.  My husband has always been a casual runner, and Sunday’s are usually my easy/off days where we take the dog out and we just chat and spend time together as a family. No workouts in mind, no distances over an hour, usually.  My first run post Pinhoti we ran together and he had to loop back and drop me off after 30 minutes.  That was humbling 🙂  Since then I have worked up to a full hour run on the trail now.  If I feel like walking, I let myself walk hills, or overly technical parts of the trail. I am aware I’m not picking up my feet as I should, and my right ankle and shin are a little sore and swollen.  The one shin starts to burn by the end of the day…I think I probably have a bit of this; tibialis anterior tendonitis.  I had a rock in my shoe that was causing a blister.  My fantastic crew got my shoe off and took care of my blister for me, but I think my shoe was tied a bit too tightly and rubbed that tendon numb.  I am hopeful with stretching, icing, and some calf exercises it will heal in a timely manner.

So back to Patience…

Every article, and blog I have read has suggested that it takes 3-4 weeks for your muscles and tendons to heal, and then 5-6 weeks for your endocrine system to recharge itself.  I think I can be patient, right?  Until then I will continue to stretch, jog slowly, strength train, cook, and relax.


How long does it take you to recover from 100 miles?


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