Chocolate-Peanut-butter-puffed-rice energy bars; gluten free, dairy free, vegan

So I haven’t posted at all about recipes so far, but I do like to cook…and my finicky diet leads me to make up, or edit recipes.
This one I combined two different recipes from two different sources, and then added my own other ingredients to suite my taste-so I can sort of call it  my own food experiment.

Chocolate-Peanut-butter-almond-Puffed-Rice Energy Bars

(side note, because I make things up as I go, all measurements may not be exact, make sure to taste test as you make these)

1 cup of organic chunky peanut butter (this is from our co-op so no brand)

1/4 cup of almond butter (same as above, brandless from our co-op)

1 small overripe banana

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of honey (to taste)

1 tablespoon of molasses

pinch of salt

pinch of cinnamon

small splash of vanilla

sprinkle or two of Enjoy Life’s semi-sweet vegan mini chips

2  1/2 cups of whole brown rice cereal (I used Erewhon)-use less if you like them gooier, use more if you want them a bit more dry

First melt the coconut oil into a large enough sauce pan that will accommodate all the ingredients.  Then add the nut butters, slice the banana and mix that in (keeping it on low heat, don’t burn it..let it slowly warm, it will all melt together  and get very soft, not liquid)

Once those are incorporated together I added the sweeteners, molasses, chocolate pieces, honey, and take it off the  heat.  Add the vanilla, cinnamon, pinch of salt  and make sure they get evenly mixed in before adding the rice  puffs.

I am trying these tomorrow during our local trail 50k fat ass. Some for me during the run, and some to share with others.  Seems like it should be a nice mix of carbs and fat for our COLD 50k tomorrow!  I would imagine that when you add the puffed rice, you could add any other trail mix type of add-on…raisins, goji berries, almonds, coconut- be creative!

Post Script; Part of the reason I don’t speak much about my diet here or anywhere else, is because much of is has to do with my own personal feelings about corporate food industries…however, they are my own feelings and I do not believe that my job is to harass or push my beliefs onto anyone else.  By choice, I call myself a vegan. I have never really been a lover of meat, I don’t agree with how the meat industry treats animals and I try not to contribute to “big-food.”  (However, if I go to someone’s house and they forget and think I am just a vegetarian and there are eggs in something, or a sprinkle of cheese on something I will usually just go with it. )  I do prepare meat for my family, but always buy local from our local food  co-op, or farmer’s market.

I am gluten free and diary free because I don’t digest those things well,  especially the gluten.  It seems to make my joints stiff and recovery from running difficult.  Since eliminating it from my diet in 2009 I feel less stiff, sore, and spend much less time in the bathroom.


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