Little River Trail Race Volunteering and training..


So the running  club I run with much of the time  is putting on one of their annual trail races this Saturday, The Little River Trail Runs.  I am acting as packet pick up coordinator,  and have also agreed to  run it with my sister and dad who are completely new to trail running (my sister is pretty much completely new to running as well.)   I am looking  forward to this weekend,  I love packet pickup because I get to interact with so many other types of runners.   I also get to meet a different part of the running community around NC,  the pleasure runners!  They come with great attitudes and enthusiasm, many of the entrants have run our race year after year.  We try to make it fun, while we also donate most of the money to the Little  River Regional Park in hopes that the open trail space can continue to be open to the public as a natural space.

Most of the races I run, and most of the people I run with are concerned with fast  times, and great destinations, racing plans and goals..focus, focus, focus! .Most of  these  people  are just out to have a really great time (in some really cold temperatures!)  These people are great!  Sometimes is so nice to be around mostly noncompetitive short distance runners, no  talking about 100+ mile training weeks, many people are out just to maintain health. Two years ago I helped at the finish line handing out soup and hot chocolate, I had the greatest time!  It just makes me happy!  Don’t get me wrong,  I am a competitive person by nature and I will talk pace, distance, training ad nauseam, but its nice to remember that while running is important to me in one way, its just as important  in other ways to other people, and its important to me that I inspire, and help other people enjoy running, and enjoy trail running.


The rest of  my week has been back to the usual training, Mount Mitchell 40 mile challenge is only a few weeks away!  This week is  a 100 mile week,  I am still trying to mentally readjust from 100 mile race training switching my focus now to quality rather  than quantity training…I still forget from time to time.

Yesterday was a fantastic training day.  I couldn’t sleep, so at 4am  I got up and ran 17 miles with a friend  out on the trails (I am so thankful for like-minded-crazy friends who  will get up and run nearly 20 miles before sunrise.) Later that day I rounded out my training with a fast 8 miles on the road.  Mt. Mitchell is a mix of trails and roads, 20 miles up, 20 miles down, so I did this trying to simulate slower up running, and then faster down running later in the day.  Today was a really easy, very slow shake out run with the dog and some cross training and yoga.

Hope you all enjoy your running!


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