Fast and Easy Post Run Recovery Smoothie

I  have a thing for post run recovery smoothies, they are a fast and easy way to get a jump start on recovering, are very versatile, and portable!

This morning after a 15mile trail run,   I was in the mood for something fruity.So  I started with some organic frozen berries,  and added:

Orange JuiceIMG_20140205_084247_965

Coconut  water

Maca Powder

Blueberry Juice (I would  have added Pom juice if my fingers weren’t frozen and I couldn’t get the cap off)

Chia seeds

Hemp protein

Ginger root (the actual root,  not  the powder )

a banana

and some greens, (I happened to have red chard)

Blend it up and in 5min…breakfast is served!IMG_20140205_085251_723


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