Spring is here…Time to spring clean your running!

I tend to get a bit of the winter blues, come March.  In December and January (what little) snow and ice we get is fun!  Even just a few inches shuts down this southern town. Kids and adults alike are out trying to sled on whatever they can get their hands on, but by early March we usually get glimpses of spring.  Random warm days and a few daffodils get mixed in between the cold, rainy days.

This year we had freezing rain until close to the end of March, and I was losing motivation to get up early to run.   For the first time, for as long as I can remember, I began sleeping in and starting work earlier…and became an evening runner!

Now that its nearly April the tulips are coming up, the daffodils are past their prime, and even the hyacinth are looking perky.  All clear signs of spring!   And clear signs for me to shake a leg and get back to my morning run schedule!IMG_20140328_134721

After a cold winter, there are several things I like to do to get ready for warmer running weather!

1. I like to revisit my diet.  In the winter I like warmer, heavier foods.  I tend to change my diet, adding in more salads and raw veggies.   Try a new fruit or vegetable once a week!

2. SHOES!  What is more motivating than a spiffy new pair of shoes?!  After slogging thorough snow, ice, mud and salt usually my shoes are looking like they need to be replaced. This spring I treated myself to a few new Altra’s, both trail and road shoes.  I love being an ambassador for this company!  I honestly enjoy running inevery shoe I have tried of theirs.  I wouldn’t be an ambassador otherwise.

The One, Lone Peak 1.5, Superior, Intuition 1.5

The One, Lone Peak 1.5, Superior, Intuition 1.5

3. Rotate out my winter gear for my warmer weather clothes and vests.  This is true spring cleaning for me.  Some people wash their windows and dust.  I like to make sure all of my winter running jackets are washed before they get put away to the back of the closet.

4. SPEEDWORK!  Try to add in some speed to my running.  In the winter, battling the elements I can slip into easy paced runs.  The cold and gray can make runs a bit lack luster.  Its time to get training for the spring and summer races.  Get out to a track, throw in a fartlek, or hill repeats! Shake out those winter running cobwebs! (Carefully of course, you never want to jump into a lot of speed work if you have taken the winter easy or off…that’s just an injury waiting to happen.)

5. Get the bike back out.  I will run in anything, however, when it comes to cycling I am a big weather wimp.  I think cycling is a great way to cross train, and to enjoy some sun!

6. Thoroughly clean out my water bottles and hydration pack.  I probably go longer than I should between thorough cleanings with a bristle brush.  The rising temps in the spring is a reminder that it will be HOT and HUMID soon!  In the winter I don’t drink nearly as much as I do in the summer…so its time to get them ready!

What spring time rituals do you have?



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