Funny conversation of the day…(and also a little explanation of who I am)

So today I got a text from a friend who is running her first marathon in a few weeks:

Friend: I am struggling beyond 16 miles, but I think about how much you run and it helps me push on, you are amazing!

me: Amazing…or crazy?

Friend: Maybe a mix of both. How do you do it? How do you stay happy and motivated?

Me: I don’t understand that question..(sort of getting at the fact that running is my motivation, and it makes me happy)

Friend: (missing my subtle comment..) While running you’re always happy and you seem so motivated. I just don’t know how you do it. I have to really dig deep sometimes and I get cranky.

Me: Running is my motivation, it is what makes me happy.  So I don’t quite understand the question…get what I mean?

Friend: You just love it?! Impressive. What passion, that’s amazing!

Me: Amazing? Or is it really more of a curse 😉



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