Thoughts before Bighorn 50

Tomorrow I am hopping on a plane that will fly me out to Denver Colorado, from there we will drive up to Sheridan WY and my first race at altitude.  There are a wide variety of races to choose from, every distance from the 100 mile, 50 mile, 50k, and finally the 30k.  11 of my friends opted for the 100 mile option, and a few others for the 50k and 30k.  I will be the only one in the 50 mile.

So how do I feel? Am I ready?  As I lay awake last night, I thought about all the training I have completed leading up to this weekend…and of course I thought about all the things I could have/should have done.  I closed my eyes and tried to relax and imagine myself running in the Bighorn Mountains, quickly getting through aid stations, starting slow and relaxed, and hitting the downhills hard.  Does this imagining myself in the race help?  I don’t know, but it sure helped me relax and fall asleep.

I try to remind myself about all the weekend long runs out in the NC mountains I have done.  Grandfather mountain twice, T.W.O.T once and the 3 weekends I ran 30 miles on the trails nearby my house.  In addition to that I spent several weeks building speed and practicing good form; 800-repeats, hill repeats, and stadium running.   Looking over my training plan I realize I have really prepared as well as I can, minus being able to actually prepare for altitude.

The 50 mile race starts out where the 100 milers turn around, at an elevation of 8,800 feet, then it rolls up and down and up and down to the finish at 3,970.  The race description and videos I have found online promise beautiful views, pretty wild flowers, and maybe even some interesting wild life.  In Karl Meltzer’s race report he was actually chased and kicked by an angry Moose, guess that’s what happens when you lead the field and end up startling all the wild life first!  (He went on to finish and win the race, so never fear..he’s fine.)  I am hoping to see some wild life–but only from a distance of course! (Check out the scenery in this video)

So now its taper time, what have I been doing?  Well, work has been busy, so there’s always that to take my mind off of the taper tantrum.  I have also been practicing yoga with a friend, Hollie, in her Jiva class, and of course keeping up with some easy cross training…mostly bridges, planks, and calf raises.

If you are interested in following my drama this Saturday, June 21st my race # is 578.  Follow this link and look for my splits in the 50 mile race.  For those of you that know my friends here are their numbers: 100 milers

186- Replay, 189 Gilly, 200 Gumbi, 261 Bypass, 300 Bobcat, 327 Remus, 331 Snuffy, 338 Ringo, 343 Grub, 351 Lynx, 370 Icarus

50k: Juice 855

30k: Spinz 1006, wingnut 1434

In the meantime, this is what is happening all over my house…clothes, food, gels and hydration packs in groups all over the house.  Yeah, my very clean and orderly husband looooves it when I taper 😉

Gear list

Shoes: Lone Peak 1.5 (Though they are coming out with a new version I hope to test out soon!

Shorts: Lululemon Dart and Dash short (5 pockets, and 0 chafing! can’t beat that!)

Hydration: Orange Mud Hydraquiver



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