Random Taper thoughts…

So I am sitting here thinking about my taper and wondering why do I do this? Why do we all do this?  I think about the hours spent running, driving to the mountains to run, planning trips…

And then I remember all the places running has taken me.  Every place I have lived, or visited I have seen places and things that so many others don’t experience because they don’t get out and travel by foot to explore the path less traveled.

I have seen sunrise in Italy in the foothills as I passed along vineyards, I have experienced the quiet dark that only happens in the middle of the night in the woods.  I have seen countless fields, farms and orchards…and yes, cows break out from time to time and don’t always run away when you run towards them.

Sunrises in the desert are one of my favorite things I have experienced while running, and early morning runs along the beach with my dog while he half heartedly chases sand pipers makes my heart full.

I’m sure we have all heard the ubiquitous “you run 100 miles, I don’t even like to drive 100 miles..”  Often I want to reply, ” I don’t like driving that far either, you miss so many little things..that’s why I run it.”  Being passive in a car verses active outside, I choose being present and active every time.


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