Off Season.

So, last time I was on here I was deep in my post 100 “greys” (not blues, as I mentioned in the previous post.)   As per usual, those feeling have passed, I have been out on the trials just enjoying the fall, running no longer than 2 hours a day.   The colors are back, and just in time for enjoying the changing fall foliage.

Its been nice, actually.  I haven’t run in the dark all fall, instead I have been enjoying sunrises from the comfort of my bed.  Part of me feels like a slacker, but the other part is welcoming a little break in training.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited Emmitt, my whippet/mix, is.  He is thrilled that I’m not focusing on training, so I can focus on taking him on trail runs instead!

That’s not to say that I haven’t been planning my racing calendar for 2015, or even obsessing about my training plan (for when I start training again..)

Instead I have been doing several things I tend to put off when training;

House projects! Caulking and painting the exterior

Cooking, I have been making a lot of soups from scratch lately.

Having lazy weekends, laying around on the couch with my husband and watching movies.

Yoga, biking, and core work that I neglect when I am running lots.

I have also been trying to decide what races I want to put in for 2015.  I plan to put in for WSER, maybe Bull Run Run, and Mogollon Monster in AZ late Sept.

What do you fill your time with when you are on your off season?


3 responses to “Off Season.

  1. I’ve always loved making soups in the winter too, but it’s been a while. Can you share any good recipes or ideas?

  2. Maureen, I am a huge soup fan in the winter. I try to make my own stocks, but don’t always have the time, so I often use a soup base. One of my favorites is mushroom stock. I don’t eat red meat, but somehow the mushroom stock seems to have a meaty flavor. I put everything in them, leftover veggies, carrots, celery, potatoes, leeks are really good in soups as well. if I bake a squash and have leftovers, I will add that too, if you puree the squash with the stock before adding any veggies it thickens it with out using flour. Experiment and let me know how yours goes!

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