10 Things I am Thankful for this year, in my Running Life

Its that time of year again, the holiday season is upon us.  Thanksgiving is just 2 days away and so I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on all the things I am thankful for.  Since this is a running blog I am going to keep it as running related as possible.

1.  I am so VERY thankful and grateful for an injury free 2014 (my health.)  I mean there are always the little niggles here and there; day after an ultra, fell down a hill…but I am oh so thankful for no real injuries in 2014!  There is nothing worse than a cranky, unable to run Wisp (yes, I just referred to my trail-self in the third person.)

2.  Altra and Orange Mudaltra I am thankful for them both being super companies, putting out great running gear and allowing me to be part of their team as an ambassador! (or as we say at Orange Mud; Am-badass-ador)

3.  Number 2 leads me to this next thing I am thankful for= TRAIL FRIENDS!  As a person who loves to go out for a 3 hour run on the trials just for fun, (no race training required) I get lots of funny looks and questions.  Its so nice to meet other like-minded people and be part of a community that shares my love for the trails!  bhlunchThank goodness for the TrailHeads and all the friendships I have made over the last few years.  Thanks to you all for the many miles on the trails, for pacing me, and being up for some cool adventures!


4.  My dog, Emmitt.  Ok, this may be a bit silly, but he is one GREAT running buddy! Early mornings, mid days, late nights…he’s there.  All I have to do is put on my running shoes and its like Christmas morning to him!  He’s there immediately dancing at the door.

Enjoying Shut in Trail near Asheville

Enjoying Shut in Trail near Asheville

Chewing on a bone, snoozing on the couch…forget that, drop everything…lets go run!  He never says no to a run!

5.  Post run pig outs.  I think this is self explanatory.

6.  The runner high, or maybe not high..but that satisfied, tired out feeling you get after a really great long run.

7.  ULTRAS!  I mean after all that is the reward at the end of the training.  I would certainly still run a lot, but having a race to train for is like the icing on the cake.   Thanks to all you RD’s out there that work so hard, and put in so many hours so we can have a fun and safe time out there on the trails.

8.  Race volunteers.  This goes almost with out saying.  No wonderful race volunteers, no ultras!  Thank you volunteers for feeding me, filling my water bottles, and for your infectious enthusiasm!

9.  Mud, rocks, roots, mountains, vistas, rain, sun, trail love, that salt crust that is everywhere after a hard effort in the summer and everything else that makes trail running so much fun!

10.  Finally last but not least, my husband.  Though he doesn’t quite share my love of trail running, he is always there for me.  I am thankful for our Sunday family runs together, his pacing and crewing at Grindstone, hanging out with me while I soak after long runs, foot rubs, feeding me when I am so tired and so hungry post race, and just being his wonderful self!  Thanks AMK!

What are you all thankful for this year!?







2 responses to “10 Things I am Thankful for this year, in my Running Life

  1. This is also my first year of ultra racing that I was not injured. Nice post!

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