Guest Post: Ruck Funning; A Little Salty to Balance out those Last Sweet Posts.

Fuck Running

by Ben Syzek

I have a love hate relationship with running. Then again who doesn’t? I guess there are those sickos that enjoy it for it’s own sake. But like I said, they’re sick.

I primarily run early in the morning, and every morning I wake up and think, “why the fuck am I doing this?” Running is terrible. Every step hurts me, and I don’t particularly enjoy pain. The funny part is that even though I hate it and wonder every time why the hell I’m doing it, it’s still better than anything else I do all day. Pretty sad, huh?

It’s true, though. Even though I hate it and it hurts it’s still more worthwhile than anything else I do. Somehow all that pain and suffering is still beautiful. I can’t say that for the majority of my activities. Eating isn’t beautiful. Driving isn’t really beautiful. Ok, showering is beautiful, I’ll give it that, but brushing my teeth isn’t.

Running sucks, but if I don’t do it, then that day has a stain on it. The stain of inactivity. A stain that permeates all other activities I engage in. Running is the Tide stick for that stain. Running makes all of the other activities beautiful because they don’t matter. That day has been worth it simply because I ran. All the other activities are just placeholders, time fillers, filling the void until the next shitty painful run. How can something so painful and awful be so beautiful? I hate it. Wait, I love it. Shit…

Ben is an avid ultra runner who has quit the sport after nearly every single race, only to inevitably sign up for another one the following month.  Most recently Ben quit ultra running after the Grindstone 100, but he’s currently training for several in January and February.


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