Cruel Jewel Experience Project

Where to begin…

Ok, sometime this winter several of us decided to sign up for Cruel Jewel in GA.  It started as two guys wanting to run a spring 100 before going off for different summer engagements.  It snowballed into to 9 of my favorite training partners signing up. Five people are running the 100 mile while four of us are opting for the 50 mile.  With all these people running the same race four of us decided we would try to document our training up to the race.

What is Cruel Jewel like, you ask? Well, in all honestly the closest I have been to that area of Georgia is Highlands, NC.  Which, it turns out, is rather close to Blairsville GA and the start of the race.  From what I remember its humid, foggy, beautiful and very mountainous.  According to the race’s facebook page the stats for the 100 is as follows;

  • 105.9 miles
  • 33,000 feet of gain
  • Cut off time is 48 hours
  • CR is 25:50
Nate looking worried about his training...

Nate looking worried..

The four of us documenting our training are myself, Ben, Nate, and Lynx.  We all have different training plans, and have different goals so we thought parallel documentation would be quite interesting.  Nate and myself are running the 50, Ben and Lynx the 100….but I am getting ahead of myself….

With about 10 weeks left, I am feeling a bit anxious about my specificity training.  I am racing the Thomas Jefferson 100k, a flat(ish) and non technical 100k in VA so my training has been focusing on long, fast trail runs, getting out on the road, and not nearly as much vertical training as I will need for CJ50.

For comparison Thomas Jefferson 100k will be 7,000 feet of gain in 62 miles, versus 15,00 over the (actual) 56 miles of CJ50.  Its like comparing the proverbial apples to oranges of trail running.   Which also makes me a tad nervous about having enough time to push the uphill training before CJ.

Anyway, so back to training so far.  I peaked at 107 miles as my longest week, and 34 miles as my longest training run…and in the last 8 weeks I have run 25 miles or longer, 6 times.  According to my garmin in the last 30 days I have climbed 13,413 ft, however this doesn’t include my treadmill hiking which is probably another 8,000 feet of climbing over the last month…Yes, I live in a very flat area.

Also, as much of the east coast, we have been having snow every other day.  It snows, it freezes, it melts, it snows again…it makes for very erratic trail training. Some days the ice is very slow going, then there’s the mud and slush, the past week I threw mile counting out the window and just recorded how many miles I WOULD have run with the same amount of effort over the same time period.

Last week looked like this;

  • Monday: 5.5 miles(road) @7:40/3 miles @15%(2,300 vert)/Yoga
  • Tuesday: Surprise! It unexpectedly started snowing during your run. 23 miles(trail) @9:55
  • Wednesday: 5.5(road) @7:37 3×800 @6:00 total of 8 miles
  • Thursday: More snow!? 2 hours 13 miles (trail)
  • Friday: Elliptical 6 miles
  • Saturday: Road (So tired of the trail slop) 15 @7:35
  • Sunday: 6 @8:49 recovery in cold rain

In the next few weeks we hope to get some better training pictures, and videos up.  Until then, run on!


2 responses to “Cruel Jewel Experience Project

  1. Jeez, staying so consistent through this slush. Impressive. I can’t imagine you have that much company in that regard among east coast competitors. Excited for you!

    • I am sure, actually, I know many people who are just as dedicated in the snow and slush….plus that’s what I tell myself in the morning. “That girl that may beat you, bet she gets up in the dark and trains in the cold/rain/snow/mud” 🙂 Are you back to running yet?!

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