A Day in the Life of my Mouth

So recently an old friend from high school contacted me about food.  She’s and active mom, who has been adding running into her workout schedule and wanted to know about what I ate and how I kept my energy up during the day.

She asked how many calories I ate, and I realized I didn’t have an answer for her because I usually just follow my hunger, rather than count calories.  I tend to shy away from anything that is diet-like and favor things that I can do every day during my hectic schedule.

However, after we got off the phone I started getting curious about what I do in fact eat all day so I picked a random day and took pictures..


Breakfast Smoothie, Walnuts and raisins (a few times a day) Roasted Beets with olive oil, salt and rosemary..


Mushroom soup, almond butter and banana, blue chips and guacamole, there are the nuts and raisins again.

IMG_20150305_122402_943IMG_20150302_102348_030 Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, beet greens (from the roasted beets above) and avocado.


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