Taper Wisp vs Recovery Wisp

No one at my house likes the taper, dog must settle for a walk.

I am two days away from my first 100k, Thomas Jefferson 100k outside of Charlottsville, VA.  My peak week (mileage) was 4 weeks ago due to all the snow, ice, and mud we had in the last few weeks. I ran 107 miles.  I would have preferred it to be 3 weeks ago, but what can you do.  3 weeks out I dropped looking at mileage and just looked at hours on my feet since 5 miles with perfect trails does not equal 5 miles running on ice, or slush.  2 weeks out I ran 70 mile, last week 56, and this week ran 15 walked 7.

The 70 mile week was ok, I was having a harder time falling asleep but otherwise I felt good, the 56 mile week I started to feel like I was missing an old friend.  I cleaned, I walked my dog more, I decided to watch all the documentaries I have been meaning to watch…and then there was this week.

I became cranky (hormones are also to blame here) I have had the most amazingly vivid dreams all week. I died in a plane crash, I woke up in someone else’s life married to someone I have never seen/met, I have seen old friends, my deceased grandfather, shark attacks, and the ever present stress dream: showing up to a final never having gone to class.  I would like to think this is my body and brain’s way of recovering, and not just some weird trip I am on 🙂

I have been so unfocused and ADD-like.  I will start one thing, and while doing that one thing, it will remind me of some other errand or chore and I’ll be off doing that.

Spring is here!

Its spring break at the university here, and my work tends to ebb and flow with the students and professors, work has been slow this week and while it is wonderful it is also making me a little crazy.

Lets take yesterday for example, I woke up at 6:30, but my husband hit snooze and convinced me to stay in bed. I did, and fell back asleep.  I woke to the sound of birds, and my dog sitting on my leg..at 8! OOPS! Took him on a short jog, did some yoga, went to the grocery store, which then took me to the bank.  I got home and opened my front closet where all my running shoes and gear are kept.  It was a mess. I dropped the groceries (making sure the perishables were in the fridge) and started to organize my closet,  I pulled everything out..and found bulbs I had put there this winter…so I grabbed my shovel and headed out to the garden and planted the bulbs.  I came back in and found the closet and all its guts strewn about the front hall…back to cleaning it out.  “Oh, here are those pants I have been meaning to donate, maybe I should check upstairs in my regular closet.”  Which led me upstairs and through all my clothes. This also led me back downstairs to do the laundry, 3 loads of laundry that is.  With a pile of clothes to donate, and now a pile of clean clothes, I was buried in folding for a while.

Oh yea, the front closet..back to that..well, I would be back to that much later because I had to go to work briefly.

FINALLY, I got home and put its contents back neatly; I remembered I had to do some things on the computer.  My computer sits in my kitchen, so of course that meant I started putting the rest of the groceries away…which got me thinking about dinner, I mean it was 3:30 now.  So whats for dinner…? “Oh, maybe I should make some banana bread for my crew this weekend.”  With the banana bread in the oven, I started some photo editing-for this;  but forgot dinner.  At 4:30 I went back to start dinner and take the banana bread out (that banana bread didn’t last..I needed to taste test it, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, dear reader, what happened to that loaf).  Which means while I am here typing this I am thinking about making pumpkin bread in the back of my mind.

Back to yesterday, I finished making dinner, and editing photos, made some other snacks for this weekend and started laying out my gear for TJ100K.  I spent the next hour messaging friends back and forth about the Cruel Jewel Experience Project.  Meanwhile trying not to get too anxious about tapering and losing a week of quality hill climbing for Cruel Jewel…wait one week, no maybe two if you add in recovery..ugh!

And lets not forget the phantom taper pains.  “My arm hurts..my arm? Random. My ITB is sooo tight, is that a pinch in my ankle? Why is my shoulder aching?”

By now it was 8:40 and D was waiting upstairs for me to put away the computer and phone and just have some quiet time together (and a back rub, YES!!)

Now this post will have to end here, come back next week for the conclusion and to meet my recovery brain…she is 180 from this taper brain that whirls a mile a minute.


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