Taper Wisp VS Recovery Wisp…part 2

Well I introduced you to taper Wisp last week.  She’s a bit of a nut, can’t focus on one thing, energy coming out of her fingers.  I’ll admit, she’s crazy, but also quite motivated and able to get lots of things done.

This week its recovery Wisp’s turn.  She goes to bed early, sleeps in, reads more than usual.  Walks Mr. Emmitt, and does more yoga.  This recovery week she tried hot yoga for the first time.  She though it was going to be unbearable, worried she might not be properly hydrated from her race last weekend and would pass out.  The first 5 minutes she was quite uncomfortable, but after starting to sweat she quite enjoyed herself, finding that the heat helped her loosen up fascia and muscles more than usual.

Happily she isn’t at all sore, mostly just tired and relaxed…free to garden, cook, visit with friends and family, and paint!

While she was relaxing and recovering her mind was open and creative.   This mural sort of came to her while in hot yoga class, and then with a little celtic music it almost painted itself.  She happily spent Friday afternoon and Saturday in a yoga studio downtown painting on their wall. (Can you see the Yin Yang in there?)

Both sides of my running personality are key to making up the whole of me.  The running wears me out, makes me happy, motivates me, and is a good outlet for my competitiveness.  The recovery part allows for creativity, relaxation, and slowing down.

Recovery Week Work Outs;

  • Monday: Rest, yoga, and roll
  • Tuesday: 1 hour on the elliptical and some core strength
  • Wednesday: 1 hour on the elliptical, yoga
  • Thursday 1 hour elliptical, hot yoga 1.5 hours
  • Friday: 1 Hour elliptical, cross train-legs/core
  • Saturday: 1 hour trail run
  • Sunday: 10 mile road run 1:20; lots of planks

As important as the taper is, the recovery is just as meaningful to avoid burn out, and injury!

Oh, and 53 more days until Cruel Jewel!


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