Orange Mud Vest Pack, Single Bottle; First Thoughts

Last summer I was lucky to borrow the double barrel vest pack and try it out on a night run.  Though I have many friends who love it, it just wasn’t for me.  I didn’t need to carry that much water for races, and at 5’3″ and 100ish lbs It was wider than my back was.  (I made a comment about the vp2 at the bottom of this review last summer.)

HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1

View of the back, those vertical pockets hold gels and bars nicely and I was able to grab them while running.

I waited and waited and waited, all the while knowing that the single bottle vest pack was coming out, someday!

Luckily I will be running The Cruel Jewel in GA in a week and that will be plenty of time for me to give it a full test drive.

So far is has the same great things I love about the regular Orange Mud hydraquiver.  It feels comfortable, the bottle stays put, it has the usual expandable shoulder pockets, but with so much more!

The Single Bottle Pack now has two more pockets on either side of the bottle, they hold several bars each and the opening is at the top so I can reach back and grab a bar out rather than take it off and have to unzip the pocket like in the single bottle Hydra Quiver.

The great thing about this pack is the extra front pockets that are made of the same stretchy material as the shoulder pockets.  So far I have managed to shove an ipod and a shirt into the front pocket.

I have worn it with a shirt, with out a shirt, up stadium steps, down stadium steps and in the woods and usually in the middle of the hottest part of the day.  I have had no chafing thus far, its quite comfortable.  It took me a little bit to play with the straps.  First I tried to adjust the straps in the front and then the side, but it made the pack sit a bit awkwardly.  Once I tightened down the side straps first, then tightened the front strap, it fit better.   Although it does fit, I am just on the edge of it fitting.  I have broad shoulder for someone my size, and a larger than usual chest cavity   If a woman my size with smaller shoulders were to try this on it would probably bounce and slide around.  So I would like to see maybe a more gender specific VP1 made.

Adding onto thoughts on a smaller size of vest pack or female specific pack, the straps on the sides (that go under my arms) are long for larger people,  so I am left with straps that dangle almost to my hips.  I haven’t quite figured out where to put the tail end of these straps; should I cut them off, should I roll them up and stitch them to the pack?  These are things I will have to figure out BEFORE my race!

Come back in a week for a more in depth review if you are curious, and please post any questions you’d like answered!

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