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Though I am not officially coached, I wish I had mentioned how much my friends and training partners have helped me begin to figure out all my nutrition and how to train properly.

I have been lucky enough to become good friends with such knowledgeable people.  My running is definitely a product of learning new things, trying them out for myself, and running with many people.

Strength training and moderation from Elizabeth Towe at Balanced Movement Studio, who has become a mentor, a fantastic crew chief, and friend.

All the TrailHeads, for getting me into this crazy sport, I have learned so much from all of them, most notably Geoff Scott, Layna Mosley, DJDore, Ben Syzek, Nathan Toben, Liz Bloomhardt, Roger Halchin, Katie Baker, and most importantly Jordan Stafford.

Jordan and I have been running and figuring out best methods for training and fueling for the last few years.  Admittedly its mostly him that has been doing the “figuring out,” while he has been taking classes and applying for PT school.  He has been my “coach,” running partner, and friend.  He doesn’t write often on his blog, but I have been trying to talk him into writing more about his coaching ideas. (He is a big believer in OFM, building a solid base and specificity training for each race off of that slow steady aerobic base.)

Anyway, it was bugging me that I didn’t mention all these people in the URP podcast…because that wasn’t really what the podcast was about, but I did want to say that it certainly takes a village to raise an ultra runner and I wanted to let anyone who listened to the podcast know how lucky and thankful I am for these people in my life.

It of course goes with out saying, or I guess it should be said…I am also so very lucky to have a husband who is flexible and understanding of my fringe running obsession.  I am part of a couple, so whatever I do, and whoever I am is in part because of the support I get from Drew.



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  1. You sounded great on URP. You mentioned a video you did that detailed your treadmill training for Cruel Jewel. Can you link to it? Thank you.

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