Training week: 6/1-6/7

This was my first week back to some regular training, the two weeks after Cruel Jewel I had some tightness in my legs that I wanted to work out because it was affecting my gait.  I mostly just swam and did yoga and enjoyed sleeping in.

Most of my week was spent on the treadmill, so it wasn’t incredibly exciting.  However, it was mentally tiring because I noticed very quickly that my form breaks down on the treadmill so I really had to think about standing tall, engaging my glutes and pushing off rather than pulling my legs forward and hunching over.  After the each workout my legs felt good, but my head was tired. 🙂


  • Treadmill workout
  • Warm up, 2×4 miles at an 8% grade, cool down
  • Cross train core and legs- ET workout
  • stretch


  • see Monday


  • My calf was feeling tight(the one that worried me going into CJ) so I abandoned the treadmill after 15 min and went to yoga instead


  • Treadmill workout
  • Warm up 2×4 miles at an 8% grade, today I found that running slightly faster made it easier to maintain correct form on the treadmill
  • After 3 mile shake out run on the roads with the dog
  • Cross trained after


  • Same as Thursday, but no run with the dog after


  • 2.5 hour run in the woods with friends, some single track, mostly fire roads
  • half of my treadmill workout.  4 miles @8.5% grade
  • Cross train


  • Easy pool swim for 25 minutes
  • yoga


  • 60 miles
  • 22,344 feet of elevation gain
  • Lots of yoga

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