Pre Run Rabbit Run Report

I know, I know, I need to get my race report (or rather my 3/4 race report) up.  I have it written, but saved while I try to remember the order of things better, and while I catch up on work and laundry, and all the other things I missed in the last month while I traveled.

If you haven’t seen my Facebook posts, I have been all over the western part of the country.  I flew into CO, stayed a week in Telluride hiking parts of the Hardrock course, then drove to Steamboat Springs for RRR100.

After that we checked out the springs there, then drove to Aspen where we met a friend and did some hiking and lots of eating.

Our flight was out of Denver, so we stayed overnight with another friend there.

We flew into Seattle and stayed a few days, taking in the Art Museum, the aquarium, Discovery Park, and of course more food!

Renting a car we drove down to Portland, grabbed my old college roommate and headed to Mt. Hood for a fatass up the mountain.  It was much colder than we had planned for, but we had a really great time!

Then we drove back to Portland and my friend toured us around for a few more days.  We saw the rose garden, lots of breweries, went on an amazing waterfall hike, ran in the Forest Park, and ate and ate and ate!!

Of course, I must mention that I got to grab a tour of Carson Footwear and meet all its lovely employees!  I also got a foot casting, maybe there will be a Wisp shoe in the near future?! A runner’s dream 🙂

We were so lucky to only have 2 really rainy days in 3 weeks, the foliage in CO was spectacular, I got to visit many friends, and see and do lots of new things!

Its always hard to get back to “real life” after a trip like that, but its fall here and its beautiful and I’m happy to be reunited with my dog again!

Oh ya… and I haven’t given up on Western States, I signed up for Pinhoti at the last second, getting the last spot and basically have 3 weeks to get my brain ready to run another 100 miles!!

Let me leave you with some pictures of my vacation for your enjoyment… happy trails!


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