Pinhoti 100; The sequel? Or, goshineedatickettogetintoWSthisyear!

First Pinhoti finish in 2013, let’s make it better this time!

SO here I am, less than a week out from Pinhoti 100.  A place I thought I wouldn’t be for two reasons.  1.  I just ran Pinhoti 2 years ago (race report here) and 2.  My season was supposed to end at Run Rabbit Run, this was going to be my off month, no running, just cross training and lifting.

Well, since I DNF’d RRR, two days later I signed up for Pinhoti.  Lynx, my enabler, texted me as I sat waiting at the airport after RRR, “you know you don’t have a WS ticket now, right?  You know that you have to get one before mid Nov, you know there is only 1 spot left in Pinhoti.”  As the ‘A” section of my flight boarded, I signed up for Pinhoti 100.

Its been about 6 weeks since the RRR DNF,(RRR Race report) I traveled for 2 weeks post race with only some hiking, I came home and trained for 2 weeks, I went to Chicago to visit family, and then slid right into a taper.  This makes me feel… let’s say unprepared at the least.  I’m still wanting to sleep-in rather than run, I feel mostly ok, but don’t have that usual burning desire/butterflies/taper crazies.  In fact I am still in disbelief that I am going to run 100 miles in Alabama on Saturday.

To be honest, the other thing in the back of my head is doing worse than my first Pinhoti 100.  Ok, I’m gonna say it like it is…I have an ego when it comes to bettering myself at races.  Under any other circumstance I wouldn’t have signed up for Pinhoti for the mere fact that I am not prepared as I was the first time I ran Pinhoti.  With that in mind, it will also be an interesting experiment of self; after 3 years of running ultras, can I train for a race, just recover and run another one without much training.  Also, will 100 mile experience trump a good training plan, with lots of rest, but no experience running anything beyond 50 miles.  In 2013 Pinhoti was my very first 100 mile race.  Can better mental preparation, experience and miles on my legs make up for my lack of specificity, and recovery?  Perhaps.  Maybe, maybe not?

Having already run Pinhoti I feel like I don’t need to research, and prepare for it like I usually do for races I have never run.  In a way its nice to be more relaxed before a race.  I’m sleeping solidly though the night (still8-10 hours since RRR), usually I’m plagued with pre race jitters and don’t sleep well… not the case this year.

Crew chief Elizabeth, at Cruel Jewel

I am looking forward to going there with friends again.  Last time Ringo, ET and lynx were my crew and pacers.  This time Lynx is running it, and Et and Ringo will crew and pace.

It will be my friend, Nathan’s, first 100 mile race, which is always exciting!  I know he is ready to rock it, but I see him going through much of the same first timer’s nerves and doubts I had back in 2013.  I hope he has a great race, and we are close enough together than if he needs a mental boost I can be there for it (hopefully he won’t though.)

Anyway, happy trail racing ya’ll… and cheers to a WS ticket!!

Me, Nate, Ben(Nate’s pacer) and Lynx. Hopefully we will be a bit more energetic at Pinhoti 🙂


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