Race Calendar? Maybe?

I am not a very patient person, I am trying my best to learn it, though.  I already started thinking about my 2016 race calendar this past September, but told myself I had to wait at least until the Hardrock and Western States drawings.  No big surprise, I didn’t get into either… so that at least made those race decisions easy.

It now comes down to waiting until April to run any races.  If I base build only, no speed work, no raising my HR above 150ish bpm until I hit 120mpw that will take me until the second week of March, then I can either decide to base build more, or begin specific race training.  We’ll see what happens, hopefully with my change in diet, strength training, and sleep habits I’ll hit 120mpw happy, healthy and strong!

So this is what I have so far;

April 2016;

  • Either Leatherwood Ultra in NC, or Promise Land 50k in VA
  • argument for Leatherwood is there is a 10 mile option and Drew can do that, there are sweet cabins on the property, its run on private property so there is no way it can be cancelled.
  • Promise Land, well because I haven’t run a Horton race yet (or a 50k!) and I keep meaning to… and because those VA trail runners always put on a fantastic race!


  • Ugh, another lottery, this time for San Juan Solstice 50..won’t know about this until late January.
  • I’ll need a backup in case I don’t get in… Laurel Highlands 100k? What else?


  • Jarman’s Invitational of course!


  • RUN RABBIT RUN (the second time around)


  • Mountain Masochist 50 mile
  • I think this race fills up fast so I’ll have to be on the ball to sign up.


  • Hellgate 100k!
  • If I don’t injure myself (knock on wood,) or burn myself out, (knock on wood again,) I have been wanting to do this race since I first heard about it a few years ago, but it never works into my schedule!

One response to “Race Calendar? Maybe?

  1. Laurel Highlands is closed. I think the last acceptance had to be postmarked Dec 16th maybe. Did you mail it before?

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