The San Juans; Day One

I want to share my experience so I am going to try to recall each day of my trip one by one; beginning with Monday.

After a solid Night’s sleep, which was a little weird since Telluride is at around 8,500 feet, I popped out of bed unable to contain my excitement. Let’s hit the trails!  I only had a dinky little rental car for the day, so rather than try to get it up and over a mountain pass, I opted for a run from the house.

According to a guide book I found at the Scott’s house, Bridal Veil Falls is a must see.  It was on the way up to Blue Lake, and I could hit it from the house on foot.  The run began on the road, which turned into a dirt road to Bridal Veil Falls.  It was beautiful and swollen from the snow melt and the rain the previous week.  The spray felt good on my hot, dry skin.The dirt road continued up and eventually turned into beautiful single track.  The trail was quite runnable, but as I got further up, the lack of oxygen forced me into a fast hike.  UP and UP to Blue Lake.  This was quite a popular trail, if you had a car with some clearance you could drive up and only have a 2.5-3 miles to hike so I passed many families out enjoying the day.  This particular area of Colorado was once bustling with miners, and there were still leftover buildings and mining debris all around the trails.

I  continued up all excited to take pictures of the unnaturally blue water of the lake, as my battery died….wah, wah.  This was the last picture I tried taking before the phone shut off.


So much for pictures!  The day was beautiful, and the run was awesome!  Door to door it was 16 miles round trip with right around 4k of elevation. (I think Blue Lake is officially at 12,500ft.)  The run back down was pretty awesome, and so much faster than the way up.  Quad trashing part uno.


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