Run Rabbit Run 100 mile Training; 7 Weeks out, Don’t Break the Egg!

Why a reference to an egg?  Well, I will tell you why.  Have you gotten to that last 7 week period before your big “A” race and all of a sudden you start to question all the training you have done up to this point, and all of the plans you have for the last few weeks? I have/am, and it feels like I am holding onto an egg.  Like if I don’t hold on tight enough(train enough) then the egg will drop(fitness won’t peak.). However, if I squeeze too hard(overtrain) then I am showing up to the start with a broken egg, or Achilles, PF… or other over training issue du jour.

I feel like I have been somewhat good about prioritization this year.  Base this winter peaking around 140 mpw.  Speed for a hilly 50k in the spring, long hot road runs and a 50 miler, a super fun week in Colorado with tons of vet…. and now?!?!…..

Sheesh, sometimes I feel like I’m not even able to hold onto the egg, and I am just juggling it… maybe I should just smash it against the wall.  Nah, this egg is too precious.

7 weeks out, what do I do next?  More long runs in the heat with strides at the end? Skip the long runs, its 7 weeks out-focus on speed work and turnover and hills?  Last year I squeezed too hard and broke the egg with a really hot hilly training run that led to near heat sickness and a two week loss of training while I recovered.

I guess just keep up the fitness, do what I have been doing. Sleep lots, eat healthy, recover smart, sprinkle in the speed-not too much, and don’t be so hard on myself.

AHHHH….Don’t break the EGG!!



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