So Many Things to Catch up on.

Well I had my last two back to back long weeks before a type of taper I am going to try.  Due to the super hot and humid weather, I have abandoned “mileage” for now and am going by time on feet.  Two weeks ago I ran 21 hours with about 14k of vert (which is huge living here in the flat lands of NC.) and then last week I ran 25 hours with 13k of vert, all during the hottest and most humid weeks of this summer.  I think I did speed work one afternoon in 115 degree weather! Phew!

Now that my brain is finally starting to recover and I find myself with more time, I have started to turn back to catching up on my blog.

First will be my taper I am trying.  Following two big weeks, I will take an off week this week..really easy running and body work, to work out any imbalances I may have picked up in the last two weeks.  Then bring my mileage and intensity back up, not quite as much as last week, but to 70% of my longest training week, and do a typical 3 week taper from there to Run Rabbit Run.  (so it sort of becomes a 4 week taper-ish.)

Second, I have been reading and listening to different people talk about brain training, and coping mechanisms for the pain we feel during ultras.  In the past I feel like I was pretty good at suffering, having practiced it while trying to keep up with faster runners… and probably doing too much anaerobic, and “grey” area running.  This year I decided to try a MAF approach to my training, allowing me to do much more volume, and consistent training, but there isn’t a ton of “suffering” involved… unless you think 7 hour runs are mentally suffering… and then I would question why you were ultra running… but I digress :). To practice a little suffering I got the idea to sit in a sauna from a mixture of books read and podcasts listened to.  For a period of time during the last few weeks of my training I’ll be working up to an hour in there.  These sauna sessions are less about real heat training, because I can sure get my fill of that just by walking out my front door, and more about getting closer to my “central governor,” and pushing past what my brain feels is an unsafe amount of time in the sauna.  (I will blog more on this later in the week.)

Third; I have two new reviews I need to finish.  One for the Endurance Pack from Orange Mud, and one for the new Topo Athletic minimal road shoes.

OK, things to look forward to in the next two weeks folks!


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