First Week: A Chilly Welcome Back

Jan 1 was my first day back to training after a 6 week off season of minimal running, and lots of heavier strength training.  Unfortunately for my fingers and toes mother nature gave me a chilly welcome back to training.  Christmas week had been a balmy 50 degrees, so when temps below 20, and some days below 10 degrees were forecasted I mentally cringed.

Not being one to allow the weather to stand in my way, I layered up and pressed on.

This is what my week looked like:

  • Monday: Easy hour
  • Tuesday: 6 miles VO2 workout+ Refining Ultra strength and mobility workout and sauna!
  • Wednesday: Easy hour
  • Thursday: 6 Miles Vo2 workout(in the snow; get out the ice spikes!)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Carrboro 50k fatass (did half) + Refining Ultra strength and mobility workout+ sauna
  • Sunday: easy 45 min

I feel pretty good about this first week back.  I was apprehensive about how my legs might feel after 6 weeks of not more than 20 miles a week, but the heavy weight lifting and the refining of my gait really made a difference.  While I have certainly lost some of my endurance, I gained much more strength and body (hip) awareness.

In that same vein of hip awareness, I learned where your actual center of mass is.  Do you know where it is in the human body?  I always thought it was somewhere around my navel, turns out our actual center of mass is right near our tailbone…slightly ahead of it.  Making the hips the most important hinges/body movers because they are the closest to it.

2 responses to “First Week: A Chilly Welcome Back

  1. Go Rachel Go!! So excited to follow along on your journey!

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