Western States Training: Week 2

I don’t know what’s happening, but this week jumped 60+ degrees to nearly 70 some days, so suddenly I was running in shorts and a t-shirt agian—-though Don’t worry, next week is back to subScreenshot_2018-01-11-14-23-12 freezing mornings.  Maybe this weather is like taking a contrast ice bath/hot tub? Either way here’s my week:

  • Monday: easy 5, but then I went to a evening workout which ended up being a plyometric workout with wind sprits, which, in the moment felt great but……
  • Tuesday….set me up for tired legs going into my VO2 workout. Woops! 4X2 min was haaard. I could feel my legs burning way too early in this workout, so I made a note to remember that while I am in this training block to really keep my rest days easy. Afterwards; more strength base lifting and sauna
  • Wednesday: Another easy hour
  • Thursday: Same as Tuesday but my legs felt much better, and my workout was noticeably faster, another base lifting session.
  • Friday: hour hike in the woods with friends and dog friends and some trigger point and mobility work, followed by Little River Trail Run Packet pickup!
  • Saturday:  Every Jan we host a trail race nearby.  As per usual my duties were Packet pickup coordinator and sweep.  It made for a chilly morning, and a long day, but I got in my 13 miles with friends and really had a blast watching the many local faces enjoy their day in the woods.
  • Sunday: Hus.b.D is coming down with something so I opted to sleep in, hoping It will bypass me.  Easy hour in the woods with the dog, followed by lifting and a warm 25 min sauna…though our Y sauna isn’t nearly hot enough to do much of anything other than warm me up.  My garmin says its only about 109 degrees, or cooler.  Also, I got my back squat up to 90lbs!  A far cry from where I started 6 weeks ago with 60ish lbs and terrible form!  #gains (I believe is the lifting term)

Onto week 3!!

2 responses to “Western States Training: Week 2

  1. Awesome week Rachel!

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