A word about my training.

I love running; roads, double track, single track, anything to just get out and stretch my legs, for hours, so distance running for me is not a problem.  A typical morning is waking up with running as the first thing on my mind.  I feed the dog, pack the husband lunch, foam roll for a minute, and head out the door.

What I do have a problem with, however, is sitting down with a dedicated running plan.  That’s not to say that I go out and run the same route, for the same amount of time every day. I do try to have longer and shorter days.  What I don’t do is sit down and really plan out several weeks of training with hard effort days and easy effort days,  in order to peak for races.   I usually taper… usually. At least for anything longer than a 20 mile race.

With this said, I do aim to try to test some training plans.  After my spring races, I hope to get back to some weeks of slow base building miles, and then in the fall actually follow more of a training plan.


This is more of a typical training schedule for me, an alternation of long (100mile or so) weeks, and shorter (60-70 mile) weeks.  Yes, I am also old school with my pen and paper, online training tools are not for me.

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