Favorite Things

I have a few favorite running things…

First are my Lululemon running shorts.  Can you say pockets?!  One of the worst things about being a woman are pants or shorts with no pockets.  I don’t just mean running shorts, I mean everyday casual shorts and pants.  Until I started running in Lululemon shorts, I used to clip my car keys to my dog, or tie them to my shoes.  Now I have found a pair of their shorts that have not only the back zippered pocket, and two front pockets for gel, but they also have two more side pockets on the legs of the shorts.  If I’m just hiking I can put my phone in them, but for running they will hold S Caps, gels, empty wrappers, sunglasses, they are awesome!!

My Orange Mud Hydraquiver is another product I really love.  Here is a review I wrote about it.  I just dislike hydration bladders and I wanted a water bottle, but not one around my waist that pressed on my midsection and made me feel uncomfortable.  I was at a race and saw a woman wearing a Hydraquiver and inquired about it.  I went home, looked it up and ordered one!  Its great!  I also have a coupon code, its wispfriends

I always wear a visor, not only because its my lucky visor, but because I hate squinting in the sun. If you are going to run ultra’s the sun will come up, and it will get in your eyes, and sunburn your face at some point in the day.

Finally, the most important thing…SHOES*! I really like more minimal shoes for trail running.  I like to feel the trail, and be able to hop over things and feel nimble on the course.


SO many fun colors!


What shoes? Carson Footwear trail shoes!


The Runner Files in Orange Mud, my thoughts about running.


Gearmunk article: Why we Need More Female Gear testers.

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