Running Resume


4th, first A/G Carrboro 10k

6th Waldo 100k, Oregon

Win and CR at Cruel Jewel 50++ Georgia

Top 10 Black Canyon 100k (Western States golden ticket race)


Sub 30, hare division Run Rabbit Run 100

1st female, 5th overall Dusk to Dawn 50 mile road race 9:03

1st female, 4th overall Leatherwood Ultra 50k 6:05


5th female Pinhoti 100

1st female, 3rd overall Cruel Jewel 50,

1st female, 5th overall Thomas Jefferson 100k.  CR


5th female Grindstone 100 mile Race

1st female, 4th overall Jarman’s Invitational Marathon (29 miles)

3rd age group 9th female, Bighorn 50 miler

3rd female Mt Mitchell Challenge 40 mile


5th female Phinoti 100 mile

2nd female Four on the Fourth road race (4 miles)

1st Female Bull Run Run

2nd female Uwharrie Mountain Run 20 mile

Other (road) PR’s

9:00 50 mile road Dusk to Dawn overnight race

3:00 PR Marathon

1:26 PR half marathon

28:54 PR 4 mile

32:53, 5 mile

You can find me on Athlinks or Ultrasignup


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