Western States Memorial Day Part Three

With 50 Miles (and I would soon discover poison oak) on our legs from the two days pervious I wasn’t sure how the final day would feel.

The day was already heating up, and I was optimistic for some heat training finally.  The first day had been rainy and cool, the second was comfortable, and now Monday was finally warm.

The section we would run on Monday was basically the final 20+ miles of the course; from the river, over no hands bridge, and finally to the track in Auburn.

Our Airbnb was only .25 miles from the track so we walked to the meeting place and boarded the busses.  This ride was long and winding, so we didn’t begin the run until after 9am.  This section I found several similarly paced runners to run with, it was like camp.  Finally as you’re finding your place it’s almost time to go home. 🙂 running with Camelia Mayfield and Kate Elliott we goofed off and took lots of pictures on the section, all hoping that we would be running this section in the dark on race day.D0AE477C-1DAD-4F3D-9908-FC2E31FD8AD28C52824C-6812-4CB7-8A06-68DA183FC41EA0DFE9E9-EEBC-4271-ACA7-5DD7DC6896BFC27A1A2F-3F0B-4DF6-B041-3AA23165DCB112670019-580E-4DF2-84E6-8EAA0070E6E106FE0C5A-04EE-4384-9A50-E34AE80CC7B56B6BA7AC-AD02-42CD-82B9-4AAAA50E75B2This final section was fairly runnable and mostly downhill, except for the few miles uphill to the finish after No Hands Bridge.

We ran up the street and around the corner to the track.  The day was done, the miles were run, friendships had been made, and we’ll #seeyouinsquaw!


Thanks to my husband for taking care of thing at home while I was away, and for Lily Trotters socks for keeping my legs feeling compressed and good every night after the run!

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